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I graduated with passion in Communication Sciences and for about 15 years I worked as a consultant and trainer. I have always cultivated my interest in all forms of communication and fully experience the possibilities that the web and social media offer to exchange, know, modify, meet.

At some point, a few years ago, I had the opportunity to change my life and make it look more like me.

I obtained the Higher Education in Relational Ethology after obtaining the National Diploma of expert operator in the ethology of the relationship with animals, recognized by CONI, through the School of Relational Ethology, and I am registered in the Italian Official Register of Certified Operators.

I also completed my training in Pet Therapy becoming Coadjutor of the Dog, Cat and Rabbit and Intervention Referent in Animal Assisted Interventions, subsequently working in preschools and individually with children suffering from autism spectrum disorders and people affected by Alzheimer's.

I obtained the certificate as a Basic Animal Urgency Operator for dog first aid.

I collaborated with the portal on the themes of the relationship with animals.

In 2015 I founded the Zoogle Onlus Association, of which I was President, until 2022.

Through the association I work to spread culture, respect and attention for the animal world, overcoming the species barrier.

In this vein, I design and implement Operative Empathy interventions in schools, which are grafted into generic or specially structured activities pursuing specific purposes thanks to the presence of the animal. THE ULTIMATE PURPOSE OF MY WORK IS THE UNDERSTANDING OF THE ANIMAL,  AT THE BASIS OF THE ADOPTION CHOICES, OF CARE, PET SITTING AND VOLUNTEER ACTIVITIES, so that the six-legged LIFE is prepared, aware, listening to ours travel friends.

To always live up to the need for competence that this requires, I look for and experience all the opportunities for deepening the knowledge of animals, domestic and otherwise.

My dream of dedicating my life to the knowledge and harmony of animal man is becoming a reality in Cascina, thanks also to the constant presence next to me of so many wonderful creatures that accompany and support me.


I wait for you!


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