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tips for a safe stay




In the mailbox you will find the house keys and the key to the large gate from which you can enter by car to reach the parking lot, under the canopy, next to your front door. When you are in the garden or while you are around, leave the keys in the external lock, it is the only way for the door to open from the outside. In the fridge you will find fresh water, you can relax, your holiday has just begun!




Inside the house, under the intercom, you will find buttons with green and yellow stickers: these are the lights that will be useful for you: the lighting of the gate, on the front door, in the parking space.



After a nice trip they deserve time in the garden: it is completely fenced, don't worry! If your pets don't mind being alone in the house while you go shopping or on a trip, leave them to rest there. For their safety and that of our animals, they CAN NEVER BE LEFT UNATTENDED in the garden.



Inside the house, which will have been vacated, cleaned and disinfected 24 hours before your arrival, you will find everything you need. Disinfect your hands when you arrive, everything you need is in the corner cupboard. The heating, in the cold months, is already set, the stove is loaded and you will find pellets in the chest in the living room, if you want more help yourself, you will see it next to your car. Just tell us how many you used. If you have any problems we are closed to hand.




We will use the mailbox you have next to the front door in case we need to exchange documents, papers or other small items. Instead, we'll resort to your blue patio table for larger items. For everything else, especially for your documents and booking confirmations, we will use email, telephone and WhatsApp.




After leaving your comments in the notebook you find on the desk in the living room, make sure you haven't left any belongings, check everything is turned off,  leave the keys in the mailbox  where you found them on your arrival.

See you soon!

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