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 vacation is relax, discovery and good food

The Monferrato is full of trails, perfect for those who love  walking in the countryside, perhaps with their 4-legged friends, or on horseback, searching for mushrooms or simply indulging in the landscape.

You can find trails starting from right outside your front door or reach Moncalvo and start one of the many routes signposted that depart from the gardens.

There's something for all legs!


food and wine

The Truffle Fair in late October, Rice and Roses in May, the wine roads in harvest time, the honey and the oil of the hills and the scabs of Casale: we can propose cultural and gastronomic experiences of this territory.

We will be able to organize for you the right "taste" of Monferrato.

history and culture

The Monferrato is rich in history and art. Moncalvo is a small town but full of buildings to explore, mostly Medieval. The Church of St. Anthony and St. Francis with works by Guglielmo Caccia "the Moncalvo" are among the most authentic expressions of the golden time of this land.

The Moncalvo area and Casale Monferrato is also the heart of the Jewish presence in Piemonte.

We can help you to discover Casale Monferrato and Asti. It's the perfect place if you are interested in history, art and architecture. We can provide a map of infernot the  stone rooms scattered throughout the Monferrato and used for storing wine, accessible to September and October.

One of the most important dance events right now resides in Moncalvo, Moncalvodanza, and in 2016 the dance school Orsolina 28  opened.


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