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sfondo punteggiato



a cozy house


... immersed in a large garden for those who want to spend time a home from home. A winter and summer lounge to sit and chat, in front a warm fire with a glass of wine; the large and fenced garden in which sit and enjoy your pets; a covered terrace, a former barn overlooking the hills, perfect for hosting events, seminars, meetings.




there are dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, geese, sheep who live permanently at the farmhouse; there is a garden dedicated to small wild animals, a protected area where hedgehogs and small birds of prey, magpies and blackbirds and some hares find shelter and a welcoming environment for breeding; so much quiet, isolated from the world, in a lot of green spaces.



the yellow of forsythia and the pink of almond trees in March; the dazzling white and blue from the Irises in April; intense scent of roses in May; the smell of hay and some dry flowers in June, to introduce Summer.  Organic vegetables from the garden, in July and August; notes of fig in September; flavor of wine in October; a yellow-orange landscape in Autumn; snowflakes and the silence of nature in Winter.


seed crossing


the SEED CROSSING initiative, sprouts of a silent friendship: leave a seed particularly dear to you, tell why, and bring home one that has impressed you. If you want you can also plant one that we will keep here with us and will always tell us a little about you.


you will not find


there are no other guest apart from you,  offering you the utmost serenity; there is no swimming pool, we think the river is more refreshing for a dip, and definitely the sea for swimming; you won't find a barbecue, we promote respect for every creature and a barbecue would be inconsistent; there is no fixed telephone line, we would have had to cut down some trees and we would never have forgiven ourselves; there is no problem if you want to invite friends to spend a few hours with us.



you will not see

there is no landscape that is always the same: nature awakens, sleeps, imposes itself, withers and is reborn and we let it do it; you will not find the grass always freshly cut, we like it a little tall, full of wild flowers, poppies and daisies to attract butterflies, bumblebees and crickets, a soft coat to welcome the runs of your dogs; there are no herbicides or poisons of any kind; where life triumphs it is welcome, even when it messes up.

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